Yellow Belt Curriculum (9th Gup)

Short Form (Danhyung)

[Begin from a Lt. back stance]

1.       Jump front kick - inside middle block - high block - straddle stance side punch.

2.       Scissor stance high x-block - straddle stance outside knife strike - scissor stance open hand high and low blocks - side kick - straddle stance - back fist strike - top block - straddle stance side punch.  


Form (Hwarang "Ku Gup" Hyung)

1.       Bow.

2.       Jump and land 90¡Æ clockwise into a horse stance (kimajasae), twin palm strike to the sides.

3.       Execute the right/left/right outward circular blocks.

4.       Pivot 90¡Æ counter clockwise (12 o¡¯clock), get into a front stance (gongkyukjasae), left palm set forward.

5.       Execute a Rt. reverse front kick and assume a Lt. front stance.

6.       Apply Lt. inside soft block followed by a Rt. straight middle punch. 

7.       Lt. step forward into a Rt. tiger stance.

8.       Apply outside twin circular blocks and convert right hand into an upper cut.

9.       Rt. step forward Rt. inside elbow strike and convert it into an outside knife strike.

10.   Lt. step forward roll punch Rt. knee drop, Rt. inside/Lt. outside soft blocks, Rt. inside kick, Lt. inside soft block, Rt. inside knife strike (naesoodo).

11.   Body turn 180¡Æ counter clockwise Lt. step into front stance with Lt. high circle block grab, execute Rt. reverse punch. (loud yell-kihop

12.   Rotate right fist palm upward, apply inward soft palm block, Lt. spear hand to throat then double outward open palm forearm block.

13.   As you pull both hand to the side (where your belt is.) execute Rt. reverse front kick and step into front stance, apply inside double low palm block, Rt. step pull into back stance and apply outside double low palm block.

14.   Body pivot 90¡Æ clockwise into a twist stance (kaweejasae) with Rt. high and Lt. low open palm blocks

15.   Execute a Lt. yupchagi (side kick) and step into kimajasae facing Rt. side.

16.   Execute a Rt.wando (forearm strike). 

17.   Execute an outside circle double palm block as you turn 180 clockwise step (right foot) into a back stance.

18.   Execute a double tilted palm strike with front stance.

19.   Back into a back stance.

20.   Repeat step 2 through 16.

21.   Draw the right foot alongside left leg and assume an attention stance.

22.   yusoolkwonbup ready position (6steps).

23.   Execute yusoolkwonbup to right, set.

24.   Execute yusoolkwonbup to left.

25.   Draw the left foot alongside right standing leg and assume feet together attention stance.

26.   Left step back into a naekoolip kimajasae (inside straddle stance), with Lt. top block and Rt. low open hand cover.

27.   Shuffle forward Rt. heel kick, feet together

28.   Lt. inward soft middle grasp and pull block, Rt. naesoodo 

29.   Body turn counter clockwise 360¡Æ left step into a gongkyukjasae with Lt. top grasp-pull block and reverse punch to chest (loud kihop!).

30.   open palm (Rt.)

31.   Turning clockwise 540 degree, left step-right step into a front stance with a left reverse middle punch (loud kihop!).

32.   Turn head to front (12¡¯ o¡¯clock) and execute a right back fist to low target.

33.   Draw the right foot alongside left standing leg and assume finishing steps.

34.   Bow.


Wrist Grab Defense Drill (Hoshin Sonmoksool)

[Outside wrist grabs]

1.       Inside bend arm bar

2.       Outside wrist lock

3.       Chicken wing

4.       Pile driver

5.       Outside bend arm bar

[Inside wrist grabs]

6.       Inside wrist lock

7.       Outside wrist lock

8.       Inside bend arm bar

9.       Outside bend arm bar

10.   Wind mill sweep takedown

[Outside wrist grab]

1.       Hammer lock

2.       Inside sword cut throw

3.       Hip toss

4.       Reverse hip toss

5.       Straight arm bar over shoulder body throw

6.       Figure 4 arm bar

7.       Inside wrist lock

8.       Golf swing

9.       Clasping palms

10.   Inside fire man carry

11.   Straight arm bar finger lock

12.   Cradle straight arm bar break

13.   Vertical inside wrist lock hip toss

14.   Outside fire man carry

15.   Straight arm bar chest rush

[Inside wrist grab]

16.   Behind the back outside wrist lock

17.   Bend arm bar lift hip toss

18.   Forearm lift straight arm bar leg sweep


Hands (Kwonsool)

1.       Roll punch (hwaejunkwon)

2.       Ridge knuckles strike (jeekkwon)

3.       Hammer fist (dokwon)

4.       Side punch (cheukkwon)

5.       palm strike (jangsoo)

6.       Snake fist (sakwon)

Feet (Joksool)

1.       Jump side kick (edan yupchagi)

2.       Jump back kick (edan dwitchagi)

3.       Inside kick (andari)

4.       Outside kick (mandalchagi)

5.       Axe kick (bandalchagi)

6.       Jump spin inside kick (dwia doraandari)

Yellow Belt Combination Kicks (Darajoksool)

1.      Step Axe kick (12 o¡¯clock) – Front kick (3 o¡¯clock) – Back kick (9 o¡¯clock)

2.      Step Outside kick (12 o¡¯clock) – Inside kick (3 o¡¯clock) – Back kick (9 o¡¯clock)

3.      Inside kick – Jump turn inside kick – Back kick



                   Belt Test Requirement for Advancement

  1. Short form (Danhyung) – No. 1 - 2

  2. Form (Hwarang "Gu Gup" hyung)

  3. Wrist grab defense (Hoshin sonmoksool) – 3 choice

  4. Sparring (Daeryun) – 2 min.

  5. Terminology (Yong a)

  6. Board breaking (Kyukpa)