Senior Blue Belt Curriculum (6th gup)


Staff Short form (yook gup jangbong danhyung

1.   Assume a right back stance, execute a right inside circular block while stepping back into a right half horse stance, immediately counter attack with a right mid spear thrust, left step forward into a horse stance executing a left low inside strike to shin, turning around clockwise right step forward 12:00 executing a right spear thrust to head then left step forward assuming a right front stance simultaneously executing a left downward strike to head and turn around clockwise facing 6:00 with a right side vertical staff block. Complete the form with around the back spinning staff back stance guard position.

2.   Assume a right back stance then get into a inside horse stance staff under right arm, feet together assume an upright stance then execute upward and downward roll spin follow with a right inside full circle block and vertical staff stop drop to floor control with right hand grab high position on the weapon while assuming a ready stance with left arm extended toward 9:00 (outside knife hand position). Kick bottom of the staff toward 12:00 and let it spin clockwise 270 degree then catch the staff with palms down grab position executing a chest high horizontal block simultaneously getting into a horse stance facing 3:00. Execute a right flip downward strike to head (12:00) then apply a left spear thrust to solar plexus then quickly follow up with a right inside round strike to left temple (12:00). Right step toward 12:00 assume a left front stance simultaneously execute a left inside round strike to right temple. Execute a left front kick with a right flip strike (scissoring motion) then hop into a horse stance simultaneously executing a high low horizontal block.


Rear Body Grab Defense (hoshin dwee moamjopgisool) – 10

1.   Hair grab; straight arm bar wrist lock

2.   One hand choke hold; turn roll under inside bend arm bar

3.   Two hand choke hold; arm raise body pivot finger lock

4.   Arm choke (police choke); hip throw

5.   Outside arm bear hug; foot stump elbow strikes body throw

6.   Inside arm bear hug; nerve strike inside wrist lock

7.   Inside arm bear hug with laced finger; thigh clamp finger lock leg pull take down

8.   Full nelson; slide down drop leg kick

9.   Double wrist grab; inside wrist lock

10. Head lock; face pull leg lift

 Variation (hoshin dwee moamjopgisool) – 13

[Wrists hold from rear]

1.   Cross step body shift 180 palm clasp outside wrist lock

2.   Bend elbow slip out inside bend arm bar take down.

[Hair grab from rear]

3.   Inward 360 body pivot straight arm outside wrist lock throw

4.   Outward 360 body pivot straight arm inside wrist lock throw

5.   Rear arm choke; shoulder throw

6.   Rear bear hug high at shoulders; elbow strikes body throw

7.   Rear bear hug low at wrists; wrist escape elbow strike head lock

[Outside arm bear hug from rear]

8.   Nerve strike, combination hits

9.   foot stump elbow strike to head, head lock reverse body roll away

[Rear outside arm bear hug fingers laced]

10.  Thigh finger jam pull away straight arm inside wrist lock

11.  Peel away finger lock inside kick to head

[Rear head lock]

12.  Shoulder nerve pinch

13.  Hair pull take down


Striking (kwonsool)

1.    Straight punch jongkwon

2.    Side punch chuekkwon

3.    Back fist hookwon

4.    Hammer fist dokwon

5.    Snake fist sakwon

6.    Roll punch hwejunkwon

7.    Knife hand soodo

8.    Downward knife chop jungsoodo

9.    Bear claw strike woongkwon

10.  Outward knife strike waesoodo

11.  Inward knife strike naesoodo

12.  Ridge hand strike yuksoodo

13.  Middle knuckle strike joongjiikwon

14.  Eagle claw soorikwon

15.  Tiger fang hokookwon

16.  Palm strike jangsookwon

17.  Mantis strike dangnangkwon

18.  Spear hand kwansoodo

Kicking (joksool)

1.    Jump chin kick (twia tukmitchagi)

2.    Jump instep kick (twia balduengchagi)

3.    Jump twist kick (twia goahchagi)

4.    Jump spin inside kick (twia doraandari)

5.    Jump spin heel kick (twia dorachagi)

6.    Jump low spin heel kick  (twia anja dorachagi)

Combination Kick (darajoksool)

1.    suhso andari, suhso apchagi, dorachagi, twia baqua apchagi

2.    suhso andari, suhso dolychagi, dorachagi, twia baqua dolychagi

3.    suhso andari, suhso yupchagi, dorachagi, twia baqua yupchagi

4.    suhso andari, dwitchagi, dorachagi, twia dwitchagi

5.    junjin gumchinaeryoccagi, suhso dolychagi, dorachagi, junjin gumchinaeryoccagi

6.    suhso gumchidoligi-dolychagi, dorachagi, junjin gumchidoligi

7.    suhso triple yupchagi, dorachagi, leg sweep-hadan yupchagi

8.    suhso andari-hadan yupchagi-kumchidoligi-dolyochagi, dorachagi, eagle defense

Belt Test Requirement for Advancement


1.    Self defense tech. (hoshin moamjopgisool) – 6 

2.    Staff Short form (jangbong danhyung) – 2

3.    Sparring (daeryun)

4.    Terminology (yong a)

5.    Board breaking (kyukpa) - Spin heel kick