Red Belt Curriculum (5th Gup)


Short Form (Danhyung)

1.   Assume a left back stance and execute a rear leg shin kick, a left palm heel strike, a left downward outside elbow strike, inside body pivot 180 and execute a left inside circle forearm strike followed by a low and a high crossed palm cover and retract hands to the sides and finish with a double punch (yell).

2.   Assume a left back stance and execute a rear leg inside circle knee cap kick followed by a left elbow-knife-roll punch then body pivot 180 clockwise and kneel down on your left knee simultaneously executing a jongsoodo and stand up into back stance  toward 12:00. Execute eagle defense three time and assume kneel position with a right top block followed by left punch (yell).


Form (Hwarang "O Gup" Hyung) 

1.   Bow.

2.   kihopjagi

3.   andari, jump doraandari, inside outside soft blocks with middle palm strike, outside grab pull toward right side and asssume a crane stance with a right spear hand.

4.   Execute double mantis block and bring both hands to the sides and jump and turn clockwise 180 and land into a kimajasae.

5.   Execute a twin palm strikes toward left and right targets at the shoulder level facing 6:00.

6.   Draw right step back into daebijasae and execute right spinning heel kick 6:00.

7.   Quickly land the right foot and assume a straddle stance facing at 9:00 simultaneously executing a twin double straight punches to the chest (yell).

8.   Execute right upper block and commence right side yusookwonbup and left side yusookwonbup sequence.

9.   Draw left step back and assume a naekoolip kimajasae with right high and low left cover position toward 3:00 but, looking toward 6:00.

10.  Shuffle forward and execute a right heel kick to the groin and feet together.

11.  Left inside soft middle grasp and pull block and execute right naesoodo to the neck.

12.  Body turn counter clockwise 360 left step into a gongkyukjasae with a left top grasp and pull block with a reverse punch to the chest (loud kihop!).

13.  Open right hand and a extended heel palm position.

14.  Turning clockwise 540 degree, left step-right step into front stance with a left reverse middle punch (loud kihop!) toward 12:00.

15.  Draw right foot into a back stance and execute a right hand inside soft and a left hand outside soft block followed by a right middle palm strike to the rib cage with a front stance.

16.  As you draw your right step back into a back stance execute a right outside circle open hands grasp and pull block.

17.  Quickly execute a right spear strike to the throat with a crane stance.

18.  Lower your right step and assume a straddle stance.

19.  Bring in both hands to the ki point area (lower abdomen) as if you are holding a bowling ball between two hands (right hand above left hand position).

20.  While tightening your abdomem slowly turn the hand position clockwise (now your left hand is above your right).

21.  Draw the left step to the right and assume a upright stance simultaneously execute a double outside wide circle block palm clasp at chest level. 

22.  Quickly and simultaneously execute a double palm toward 9:00 and a right side kick toward 3:00 and without a pause execute No.2 short form toward 9:00.

23.  Jump 2 feet forward and land into a wide straddle stance with a twin lower block.

24.  Execute a twin open palm blocks to cover your left then right side of your face.

25.  Execute a right downward outside palm block followed by a forearm strike to the neck and turn it into a roll punch.

26.  Your right hand grabs the back of your opponent's neck and execute a right side knee attack to the rib cage and quickly followed by a twin palm strike toward 6:00 and a right back kick toward 12:00.

27.  Land right step and assume a low straddle stance toward 6:00 with a outside double palm grasp and pull block to the right.

28.  Quickly and simultaneously execute a left outside knife strike to the neck and a right spear strike to the solar plexus.

29.  Execute a outside double palm circle grasp and pull block toward left, then quickly, apply inside wrist lock twin palm thrust.

30.  Assume a inward straddle stance (inward heel and toe) and execute a right mantis and a left mantis block.

31.  Slide to the right and assume a scissor stance with open hand high and low cover then slide to the left and assume a kaweejasae (scissor stance) with open hand high and low cover.

32.  Hop to the right and land into a kaweejasae simultaneously execute a right spear hand to neck.

33.  Jump straight up touching soles of your feet with your hands while in the air then land into a gongkyukjasae with left foot forward and execute a reverse punch (kihop).

34.  Execute a right jump andari to the rear target (12:00) then land into a gongkyukjasae facing the opposite direction (6:00) with a right top block - drop to kneeling position and execute a downward reverse punch.

35.  Rise and turn clockwise 180 into a daebijasae facing toward 12:00.

36.  Quickly lift your right knee and assume a hokjasae (crane stance) with a left palm strike with arm fully extended (high).

37.  Rapidly execute a right front kick then a side kick toward 3:00 and followed by a right jump inside kick toward 6:00 and land into a straddle stance toward 12: 00 with a left top block.

38.  Execute a right palm strike to face, a spear to solar plexus, a hook grab pull (behind the neck), a naekwon to rib.

39.  Repeat the same sequence at the left with loud yell at the end.

40.  Draw the right leg alongside the left and assume a attention stance while executing a twin wide outward circle block then finish with a low right hookwon

41.  Bow.

Double Wrist Grab Defense (Hoshin yangsoogisool) – 10

1.   Inside wrist lock

2.   Outside wrist lock

3.   Elbow strike straight arm lock with outside sword cut throw finish

4.   Leg pull ankle lock

5.   Pile driver

6.   Chicken wing lock

7.   Outside fireman carry throw

8.   Forearm strike to throat leg sweep take down with goose neck lock finish

9.   Thumb lock

10.  Low roundhouse kick straight arm outside sword cut throw

 Variation (Hoshin yangsoogisool) – 15

1.   Thumb strikes

2.   Inside wrist strike

3.   Shoulder lift

4.   Reverse piggy back

5.   Double collarbone strike

6.   Inward hand roll wrist grab hip toss

7.   Double straight arm bars over shoulder throw

8.   Knee kick to fingers

9.   Chest drive straight arm bar

10.  Inside fireman

11.  Ear slap

12.  Chinese wrist lock

13.  Outward hand roll wrist grab hip throw

14.  Finger pressure leg trip

15.  knee kick to side hip throw 


Kick (Joksool)

1.   Axe kick (bandalchagi)

2.   Inside kick (mandalchagi)

3.   Chin kick (tukmitchagi)

4.   Instep kick (balduengchagi)

5.   Chop kick (chigachagi)

6.   Side kick (yupchagi)

7.   Heel hook kick (goomchidolligi)

8.   Heel thrust kick (goomchiolyochagi)

9.   Roundhouse kick (dollyochagi)

10.  Front kick (ahpchagi)

11.  Inside kick (andari)

12.  Back kick (dwitchagi)

13.  Spin heel kick (dorachagi)

14.  Low spin heel kick (anja dorachagi)


Single Leg Multiple Combination Kick (Honshik darajoksool) – 8

1.   suhso andari-ahpchagi-dolyochagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, dwia baqua ahpchagi

2.   suhso andari-dolyochagi-yupchagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, dwia baqua dolyochagi

3.   suhso andari-yupchagi-dolyochagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, dwia baqua yupchagi

4.   suhso andari-dwitchagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, baqua dwia dwitchagi

5.   junjin bandalchagi, suhso ahpchagi-dolychagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, dwia junjin mandalchagi

6.   suhso kumchidoligi-dolyochagi-yupchagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, suhso dwia kumchidoligi

7.   suhso andari-triple yupchagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, leg sweep-hadan yupchagi

8.   suhso andari-hadan yupchagi-kumchidoligi-dolyochagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, eagle defense



                                          Test Requirement for Advancement


1.   Short form (Danhyung) – 2

2.   Kick (Joksool)

3.   Form (Hwarang O Gup Hyung)

4.   Double wrist grab defense (Hoshin Yangsoogisool) – 5

5.   Sparring (Daeryun)

6.   Terminology (Yong a)

7.   Board breaking (Kyukpa) - Low spin heel kick