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2 Weeks Training & Uniform


For New Members Only

*Regular Rate Applies After 2 Weeks


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Our Philosophical Foundation


"Do the right things even though no one is watching"

"What ever you do even if you are cleaning dishes, be the grand master of dishwasher"

"Exercise your courage and compassion daily bases"



  Hwa Rang Do is united around the code of honor and ethical principles of the Hwa Rang warriors from Korea.




  Hwa Rang O Gae (Five Codes)

  1. Respect and care for the land (事君以忠)

  2. Obedient to one's parents and elders (事親以孝)

  3. Trust and honor among friends (交友以信)

  4. Courage, never retreat in battles (臨戰無退)

  5. Compassion for all lives and living things (殺生有擇)

  Hwa Rang 7 Tenets

  1. Humility (謙遜)

  2. Justice (正義)

  3. Courtesy (禮義)

  4. Wisdom (智慧)

  5. Honesty (正直)

  6. Loyalty (忠誠)

  7. Courage (勇敢)

Student's Creed

  1. To Build True Confidence Through Knowledge In The Mind, Honesty In The Heart And Strength In The Body.

  2. To Build Friendships With One Another And Build A Strong And Happy Community.

  3. Never Fight To Achieve Selfish Ends But Develop Might for Right.



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