Green Belt Curriculum (8th Gup)

Short form (Danhyung)

1.       Start from a left back stance, double lapel grab, circular pull down, knee strike to chest, (r) inward soft palm block, (l) palm push strike to face, (r) step forward into a front stance, cross wrists cover, (l) outside knife strike, (r) low block and high, (l) reverse punch.

2.       Start from a back stance, (r) step to right, (l) ridge hand (yuksoodo) to neck, downward knife strike (jongsoodo), knee to body, (r) palm strike, (r) step forward, (r) low block and high, (l) reverse punch.

Form (Hwarang "Paal Gup" Hyung)

1.       Bow.

2.       Ki exercise (bokbookihopjagi).

3.       Execute twin palm outside circle grasp and pull block to the left. Execute right middle forearm block with left straight punch to chin.

4.       Execute twin palm outside circle grasp and pull block to the right. Execute left middle forearm block with right straight punch to chin.

5.       Execute double hard top blocks.

6.       Bring around both fists to waist. Execute double thumb down spear hands (diving position) at neck area to grasp opponent¡¯s collars.

7.       Pull rapidly both arms to your waist (head butting).

8.       Quickly execute a simultaneous double palm strikes to left and right (shoulder high).

9.       Draw the right foot alongside the left standing leg and assume sky stance and bring both hands together above your head with arms fully extended.

10.   Lower your left arm slowly with heel palm extended to shoulder level.

11.   Right step forward and execute a left outside circle grasp and pull block with a right kimajasae thrust punch.

12.   Right leg draws back into a kimajasae and execute right reverse elbow strike to face simultaneous left palm strike to chest.

13.   Right leg draws back into an upright stance with right hand high cover and left hand low cover.

14.   Right leg draws out to the right side into a horse stance (kimajasae) with a right elbow strike to face and simultaneous left palm strike to chest.

15.   Draw right leg back alongside left standing leg and assume upright stance with right arm alongside the left leg and right hand high cover.

16.   Execute a right upper cut thrust.

17.   Lower your right arm slowly with heel palm extended to shoulder level.

18.   Repeat the sequence from 11 through 16 on your left side.

19.   Turn head to the right side (3:00) and right step forward into a back stance (daebijasae).

20.   Look to 12:00 and execute low cross palm cover, high cross palm and right waesoodo to 3:00.

21.   Assume a scissor stance with high low cover facing 3:00.

22.   Execute a right side kick and assume straddle stance.

23.   Execute a right back fist to head then bring in right foot into a back stance with a left top block facing 3:00.

24.   Execute a side thrust punch with extra low straddle stance.

25.   Repeat the sequence 20 through 24 moving toward to 9:00.

26.   Stay in a horse stance facing 12:00 and execute a double low palm cover.

27.   Lift both hands above your head, then apply outward open hand circle blocks slowly and bring hands (close fisted) to the side.

28.   Rapidly, execute a double middle knuckle strikes to rib cage pressure points.

29.   Execute a left outside double palm circle grasp and pull block, then quickly, apply inside wrist lock palm thrust.

30.   Assume an inward horse stance (inward heel and toe) and execute right mantis and left mantis block.

31.   Left step back into a low horse stance with a right inside middle block.

32.   Right step pulls into a back stance with left top block.

33.   Right step slides forward into low horse stance with powerful side thrust punch (yell).

34.   Slowly low your right hand toward to your body then above your head creating large circle clockwise.

35.   Complete the circle and stop at shoulder level facing 12:00.

36.   Execute a left inside kick 12:00.

37.   Look over your left shoulder and execute a right jump inside kick (counter clock) at 6:00 and landing into a right back stance.

38.   Immediately execute right forearm strike to the neck 12:00.

39.   Kneel on your right knee and apply right roll punch - right mentis block - left outside mentis block - right under back fist strike.

40.   Bring back right step to left and assume an upright stance with low palm cover.

41.   With rolling motion, raise both hands together above your head.

42.   Quickly drop both arms at 45 degree angle to your body.

43.   Attention stance.

44.   Bow.  


Cloth Grab Defense (Hoshin ueiboksool - 15)

1.       Lower sleeve (Inside wrist lock)

2.       Elbow sleeve (Wrap around elbow outside bend arm bar)

3.       Shoulder sleeve (Arm drop over inside wrist lock) 

4.       Rear collar (Drop down straight arm bar elbow break)

5.       Single collar (Choke strike outside leg sweep take down)

6.       Double collar (Pile drive)

7.       Thumb down front collar grab (Vertical twist inside wrist lock)

8.       Palm down belt grab (Straight arm bar lock)

9.       Palm up belt grab (Wrist nerve grind take down)

10.   Rear wrist double sleeves (windmill turn face to face, outside wrist lock)

11.   Rear elbow double sleeves (Ankle pull take down)

12.   Rear shoulder double sleeves (Outside wrist lock)

13.   Rear collar (Inward body pivot duck under inside bend arm bar)

14.   Inside wrist sleeve (Outside sword throw)

15.   Inside shoulder sleeve (Pile drive)


Variation - (25)

1.       Wrist sleeve (Water fall elbow drop)

2.       Rear collar (Arm bar elbow break)

3.       Shoulder sleeve (Choke strike outside leg sweep take down)

4.       Shoulder sleeve (Snake arms trap head take down)

5.       Shoulder sleeve (Pile drive)

6.       Shoulder sleeve (Armpit pressure point)

7.       Front collar (Thumb lock)

8.       Single collar grab (Snake arms head trap take down)

9.       Single collar grab (Forearm pressure point, choke strike outside leg sweep)

10.   Pen pocket (Trap wrist shoulder drop)

11.   Palm up belt (Upward straight arm bar, forearm tackle outside leg sweep)

12.   Rear wrist sleeves (Windmill turn face to face, bend arm bar lift hip throw)

13.   Rear wrist sleeves (Figure 4 arm bar lock)

14.   Rear wrist sleeve (Grab wrist sleeves lift over head take down)

15.   Rear shoulder sleeves (Outside bend arm bar take down)

16.   Rear collar (Inward body pivot skull crusher)

17.   Rear collar (Inward body turn head butt outside leg sweep)

18.   Rear belt (Straight arm bar)

19.   Rear belt (Outside bend arm bar)

20.   Rear belt (Heel kick to groin)

21.   Side belt (Chicken wing lock)

22.   Side belt (Hip throw)

23.   Side belt (Pressure point strikes outside leg sweep take down)

24.   Inside mid sleeve (Straight arm bar over shoulder cross hip throw)

25.   Inside shoulder sleeve (Bend arm bar lift hip toss)


 Kick (Joksool)

1.       Chin kick (tukmitchagi)

2.       Instep kick (balduengchagi)

3.       Twist kick (Kkoahchag)i

4.       Heel hook kick (gumchidolygi)

5.       Spin heel kick (dorachagi)

6.       Low spin heel kick (anja dorachagi)


Combination Kick (Darajoksool)

1.       Reverse roundhouse kick – spin heel kick – reverse front kick

2.       Reverse inside kick – spin heel kick – reverse front kick

3.       Reverse low side kick – low spin heel kick – reverse front kick

4.       Reverse side kick – spin heel kick – back kick

5.       Spin heel kick – roundhouse kick – jump turn roundhouse kick


                                            Test Requirement for Advancement

  1. Short form (Danhyung) – 2

  2. Form (Hwarang "Paal Gup" hyung)

  3. Cloth grab (Hoshin ueiboksool) – 4 choices

  4. Kick combination (Darajoksool) – 3

  5. Sparring (Daeryun)

  6. Terminology (Yong a)

  7. Board breaking (Kyukpa