Brown Belt Curriculum (3rd gup)

Form (hwarang "sahm gup" hyung)

Bow - kihopjagi - yangpaal byelyo double palm strike, hop to (R) get into scissor stance hi-low cover, hop to (L) get into scissor stance hi-low cover, hop forward into scissor stance with spear strike (R), jump doraandari (R), spinning heel kick (L),  turn 180, jongsoodo (R) as you kneel, as you rise grab pull, low kick to shin, palm strike to rib, inside curl forearm strike, scissor stance hammer fist to groin, bounce back into roll punch to chin, turn counter clock grab pull reverse punch spin heel kick (R), as soon as step down, grab pull to right side facing 90 to (R) then execute double palm strikes, turn head to (R) 90 degree, execute inside curl forearm strike, get into scissor stance, hammer fist to groin, bounce back to chin with roll punch, turn around grab pull reverse punch with front stance. (R) rear leg front kick, (without landing) same leg side kick to (R), jump spin inside kick, get into scissor stance with hi-low cover, execute (R) side kick, back fist, middle block, top block, straddle stance thrust punch, turn 180 degree, execute Chil Gup short form No. 2, step down with middle block, top block, straddle stance thrust punch, turn head to (L) 90 degree, (R) wide circle grab pull (L) vertical punch with front stance, get into crane stance hi-low cover, execute (L) triple (lo-mid-hi) side kick, (L) jump inside kick, grab pull, kneel down reverse (L) downward punch facing 180 degree, turn head to left (90 degree), (L) wide outside circle grab pull, (R) vertical punch into front stance, get into crane stance with (R) knee raised (left arm extended shoulder level with palm strike) still facing left but head turn to front, (R) jump 540 spinning kick and low spin kick, eagle defense, (L) sand toss, (R) vertical punch, (L) circular downward palm strike with a kyukhasae stance, (R) outside mantis block (L) inside palm block (right arm wrap around the waist), turn clockwise 180 degree, execute a (R) dangrangkwon slightly angling upward (left hand is placed on the sternum), execute Chil Gup danhyung No. 2, hop into kigongsae stance, execute (R) jump upside down spin kick, land on your left side, (R) single leg multiple low kicks (roundhouse, side kick, center side kick), turn counter clockwise 180 degree, (L) kneeling back kick, finishing form with kneeling position - bow.


Kick Defense (hoshin bangjoksool) - 10

1.  Front kick defense; windmill take down

2.  Front kick defense; outside leg sweep take down

3.  Front kick defense; forearm block turn outward knife strike-punch-throw

4.  Round house kick defense; inside block, outside leg sweep take down

5.  Round house kick defense; shoulder drop leg lock

6.  Round house kick defense; double palm block- roll punch- spin outward knife strike-back kick

7.  Step side kick defense; outward low palm block- neck hook- outside leg sweep take down

8.  Step side kick defense; leg drop leg lock

9.  High step side kick defense; top block double ankle grab pull take down

10. High step side kick defense; body drop scissor kick


 Variation (bangjoksool) - 27

[Front kick defense]

1.  Windmill inside leg sweep.

2.  Spinning in forearm block Lt.

3.  Outward knife to neck, roll punch,

4.  Spinning out forearm block Rt. outward knife to neck, roll punch, groin kick.

[Roundhouse kick defense]

5.   Forearms trap push

6.   Whip spin

7.   Palm toss

8.   Thigh nerve strike

9.   Groin knee kick

10.  Hair pull

11.  John Wayne

[Side kick defense]

12. Soft cross wrist block trap, elbow strike to mid-thigh.

13. Ankle lock twist throw.

14. Rear shoulder grabs windmill sweep.

15. Groin kick.

16. Side step, low side kick to rear knee.

17. Tailbone kick.

18. Sacrifice throw (cowboy throw).

19. Trap leg pivot inner thigh leg sweep.

20. Axe kick.

21. Low round house kick to calf.

22. Inside step soft cross arm block trap, Rt. leg sweep.

23. Spinning out leg sweep take down.

24. Inside kick to head.

25. Spin heel kick to head.

26. Forearm block, double spin neck hook, outside leg take down

[High side kick defense]

27. Low spin heel kick.

28. Groin punch


Kick (joksool)

1.   Jump double front kick

2.   Jump double roundhouse kick

3.   Jump double side kick

4.   Jump split front kick


Single Leg Multiple Combination Kick (honshik darajoksool) – 8

1.   suhso andari-ahpchagi-dolyochagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, dwia baqua ahpchagi

2.   suhso andari-dolyochagi-yupchagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, dwia baqua dolyochagi

3.   suhso andari-yupchagi-dolyochagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, dwia baqua yupchagi

4.   suhso andari-dwitchagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, baqua dwia dwitchagi

5.   junjin bandalchagi, suhso ahpchagi-dolychagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, dwia

      junjin mandalchagi

6.   suhso kumchidoligi-dolyochagi-yupchagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, suhso dwia


7.   suhso andari-triple yupchagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, leg sweep-hadan yupchagi

8.   suhso andari-hadan yupchagi-kumchidoligi-dolyochagi, baqua dwia dorachagi, eagle defense.



Belt Test Requirement for Advancement


1.   Form (hwarang "sahm gup" hyung)

2.   Kick defense (hoshin jokbangasool) – 6

3.   Sparring (daeryun)

4.   Terminology (yong a)

5.   Board breaking (kyukpa) – Jump spin heel kick