Blue Belt Curriculum (7th Gup)

Short Form (Dan hyung)

1.   Start from a left back stance, (l) Heel stump to knee, (r) Inside palm block, (l) Inward knife strike to neck, 180 turn clockwise, kneel, (r) Arm upper block, (l) fist thrust, cross palms cover low then high, double low outside knife strikes, (l) Reverse front kick, turn 180 clockwise face 12:00.

2.   Begin from a left back stance, a double outside circular blocks transition into a double palm push strike, (l) hand reach around the neck pull in and swing into upper cut (lift left knee), (r) outside mantis block, plant (l) foot down and get into a left front stance and execute (l) elbow strike, (l) outside knife strike to the neck, (r) soft inside block then finish with a (l) spear hand (raised left knee).


Form (Hwarang Chil Gup Hyung)

1.   Bow 

2.   Jump into kimajasae with (l) palm strike (yell) and rapidly execute twin double punch. 

3.   (r) Step back into gongkyukjasae execute #2 short form.

4.   Drop on (r) knee with (downward knife) jongsoodo (yell).  

5.   Draw the right foot to the left foot with left upper block.

6.   (r) Step forward into a gongkyukjasae with (r) hokookwon (tiger fang).

7.   Draw right foot in close to the left foot and assume back stance with outside circle open hands low cover.

8.   (l) Step forward into a kyuksangsae (sword front stance) and execute tilted double palm strike.

9.   Spin clockwise on (l) foot and get into a junshin soobijasae then get into a naekoolip kimajasae with high, low open hand cover.

10. Execute (r) jump spin andari counter clockwise aiming at rear target and land into a gongkyukjasae  facing 3:00.

11. Execute inside / outside soft blocks with (r) palm strike to the rib cage.

12. Turn counter clock to 9:00 and execute inside / outside hard blocks with (r) reverse punch (yell)

13. Execute wrist turn redirect spear double forearm cover.

14. Stay in praying mantis position as if you are holding on each of your opponent's wrists.

15. Quickly pull both hands to your sides simultaneously execute right reverse front kick.

16. Execute (r) step jump front kick land into gongkyukjasae and execute right roll punch.

17. Pivot to 6:00 and assume a naekoolip kimajasae with open hand left high, right low cover.

18. Draw right foot back into back stance and execute right outside, left inside open hand circle redirect grasp and pull blocks with strong downward right hand knife chop to the neck (yell).

19. Draw both palms together to your chest then turn your palms downward, exhale and lower them slowly till both arms are fully extended.

20. Ready for a kyukpa position.

21. Execute kneeled on right knee downward reverse punch (yell).

22. Execute right mantis hand strike to the groin.

23. As you rise execute double outside mantis block and quickly execute right front kick.

24. Turn to 3:00 and assume straddle stance and quickly execute right forearm strike to the neck follow by roll punch and mantis block.

25. Bring right step front 12:00 and assume the straddle stance facing with left hand high cover and right hand low cover.

26. Look to 3:00 and step jump (shuffle motion) to the right and execute low heel kick to groin.

27. Look to 12:00 and execute right forearm strike followed by roll punch.

28. Right leg slide back into back stance simultaneously executing outside double open hand redirecting grasp and pull block.

29. Execute No. 2 short form.

30. Draw right leg alongside to left and assume upright stance with double hand low cover.

31. Execute the finishing sequence.

32. Bow.


Front Body Grab Defense (Hoshin Ahp Moamjopgisool) – 10

1.  Hair grab (Inside wrist lock)

2.  Throat grab with one hand (Pile drive)

3.  Throat grab with two hands (Hip toss)

4.  Shoulder grabs with two hands (Inside bend arm bar)

5.  Outside arm bear hug (Pressure points, knee to groin, hip throw)

6.  Inside arm bear hug (Hair grab pull chin push)

7.  Double wrist grab (Chicken wing lock)

8.  Body tackle hold (Windmill take down)

9.  Head lock (Forward roll)

10 Double hand neck grab from side (Outside wrist lock)

 Variation (front body grabs) - 22

1.  Hair grab (Pressure point pinch outside leg sweep)

2.  Hair grab (Straight arm outside wrist lock throw)

3.  Hair grab (Straight arm inside wrist lock throw)

4.  Hair grab (Outside soft block redirect outside bend arm bar take down)

5.  Hair grab (Go along forearm surprise outside leg sweep)

6.  Choke (Inside bend arm bar)

7.  Choke (Pile drive)

8.  Choke (Inward straight arm press lock)

9.  Choke (Palm strikes to ears, head butt, knee thrust to body, hip throw or leg sweep)

10. Choke (Reach sky outside leg sweep take down)

11. Choke (Sacrifice throw /John Wayne)

12. Choke hold from side (Outside wrist lock)

13. Choke hold from side (Hammer fist to groin, upward elbow to chin, inside lift bend arm bar arm lock)

14. Outside arm bear hug (Jugular grab pinch)

15. Outside arm bear hug (Ear lob pressure points eye gouge)

16. Outside arm bear hug (Throat pressure point)

17. Front head lock (Groin strike counter head lock)

18. Front head lock (Pressure point attack hammer lock)

19. Body tackle (Knife strike to neck)

20. Body tackle (Elbow strike to shoulder blade)

21. Body tackle (Elbow to ribs)

22. Body tackle (Head lock reverse roll away)

Kick (Joksool)

1.  Jump chin kick (twia tukmitchagi)

2.  Jump instep kick (twia balduengchagi)

3.  Jump twist kick (twia goahchagi)

4.  Jump spin inside kick (twia doraandari)

5.  Jump spin heel kick (twia dorachagi)

6.  Jump low spin kick (twia anja dorachagi)

7.  Low spin heel kick (twia anjadorachagi)


Combination Kick (Darajoksool)

1.  suhso andari, suhso apchagi, dorachagi, twia baqua apchagi

2.  suhso andari, suhso dolychagi, dorachagi, twia baqua dolychagi

3.  suhso andari, suhso yupchagi, dorachagi, twia baqua yupchagi

4.  suhso andari, dwitchagi, dorachagi, twia dwitchagi

5.  junjin gumchinaeryoccagi, suhso dolychagi, dorachagi, junjin gumchinaeryoccagi

6.  suhso gumchidoligi-dolychagi, dorachagi, junjin gumchidoligi

7.  uhso triple yupchagi, dorachagi, leg sweep-hadan yupchagi

8.  suhso andari-hadan yupchagi-kumchidoligi-dolyochagi, dorachagi, eagle defense


                                      Test Requirement for Advancement


1.  Short form (Danhyung) – 2

2.  Form (Hwarang "Chil Gup" Hyung)

3.  Front body grab (Ahpmoamjopghee) – 4

4.  Combination kick (Darajoksool

5.  Sparring (Daeryun)

6.  Yong a (terminology)

7.  Board breaking (Kyukpa) – Jump back kick