Grandmaster Bong Gil Kim

          Gil Kim was born and raised in Korea and trained in the martial arts in the traditional manner.  He has served as chief U.S. Master Instructor of Hwa Rang Do and has instructed certain elite units of the U.S. military forces.  He was Chief Master Instructor for the International Hwa Rang Do Federation under Grand Master Joo Sang Lee since 1974 and former master instructor for the World Hwa Rang Do Association.

          GM Kim holds a 8th degree black belt and is founder and director of the World Hwa Rang Do Federation for the Hwa Rang Do Academy.  He has been teaching for more than 30 years in the U.S. and abroad, including England and Mexico.  He has organized and performed numerous martial arts demonstrations, conducted numerous seminars, and has appeared on national television programs such as: "That's Incredible," "Real People," and "Eye to Eye."  He has also been featured in several publications including "Black Belt," "Karate Illustrated," and "Kick Magazine."


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